Updated: June 2024

Get a Trusted Buyer’s Agent in Sitges

A buyer’s agent may be a rarity in Sitges, but working with one can save you time, money & stress…and it usually won’t cost you anything

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Buyer's Agent Sitges: Why it's a good idea

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A buyer's agent is on your side

In Sitges & Ribes, most property agents represent the seller. Their main focus is to get their client’s property sold. 

Most agents in Sitges are professional & reliable. However, the simple fact that someone is working for you, as the buyer, rather than for the seller, can have important consequences.

A buyer’s agent will help ensure that all sales claims about a property, often made verbally during a showing, are actually correct. For example,  how easily you can make desired alterations to the property; its likely rental income (and political restrictions on rentals); and its ongoing upkeep costs (and likely future ones due to green policies, etc). 

In short, a buyer’s agent will help ensure you are forewarned with all the knowledge you need to buy the right property for your needs, and avoid any buyer’s remorse!

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A buyer's agent saves you time

In most cases, if you want to see various properties, you will meet several different agents. Each time, you will explain to them exactly what you are looking for. If they have something that fits the bill, they will tell you. Naturally, though, they will not usually be searching through other people’s listings to find you what you need. A buyer’s agent will build up a strong knowledge of what you’e looking for, and will take you to any property that meets your needs, no matter who it is marketed by. 

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a buyer's agent speaks the language & knows the relevant laws

A good buyer’s agent will translate for you if the selling agent has poor or non existent English, and will give you informal advice about the sales process & governing laws that you can confirm with your lawyer

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A buyer's agent is on the ground if you're not

If you’re overseas and want someone to visit properties on your behalf, or to set up a range of properties for you to see on a flying visit, a buyer’s agent can do this for you. Selling agents, on the other hand, are usually not keen to deal with you until you are in Sitges

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A buyer's agent will usually cost you nothing

The buyer’s agent gets their fee from the selling agent once you have decided on your dream property. This is part of the fee the selling agent has already negotiated with the home owner. So you generally pay nothing & nothing is added to the price to cover the buyer’s agent fee.

Even if you choose special services that involve payment of a retainer (for example visiting & reporting on properties on your behalf whilst you are overseas) this is usually returned to you when you buy a property

In all cases, terms & conditions are set out clearly in English & Spanish as part of a legal contract. 

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Work with James

James Douglas is a buyer’s agent who speaks fluent Spanish and has lived in Spain for many years. With a long history of helping people with property purchases in Catalonia, he is also a well known name amongst the international population, as the founder and admin of Sitges’ largest private Facebook community dedicated to supporting people from overseas. He can provide references from satisfied customers who have bought properties with him in Sitges. A property owner, parent, entrepreneur & long time resident of Catalonia, James can help you through the process and, if needed, recommend other professionals you may need along the way. Read James’ profile here.

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