Updated: June 2024
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Sitges Restaurants ‘Recommended’ Badge

Restaurants receive a ‘recommended’ badge if they have been recommended by members of our community who live in the area, including via polls conducted from time to time in our Facebook group. ‘Recommended’ badges are subject to ongoing review and may be removed if restaurants receive consistently negative feedback over a period of time. Users can also add reviews on individual restaurant listings on this site. These may also be taken into account.

How to use the directory:

  1. Click the gear icon and filter by ‘recommended’ to see all recommended restaurants for each category.
  2. If you want to see the votes that each restaurant received in our community, click on the ‘poll results’ section below, which will take you to our online community (you must be a member; no pages or business profiles can be members)
  3. Once you see the poll, click on the percentage icon (see image). That will show you how many people recommended each restaurant, and who they are.

When you have tried the restaurants, submit a review on this site and add your vote to the poll! Polls are always live and the information on this site is continuously updated as new feedback is received.

Taking the example in the image: When it was captured, Bon Estar had over 80 votes from people who live in our community. That’s a strong indication that the establishment is consistently good – and that this site is giving you reliable information (even restaurants with 1% received multiple votes).

Enjoy discovering the restaurants of Sitges, then add your votes to the polls!

All the restaurants that achieved our ‘recommended’ badge have been received objective recommendations by members of our community who live in the area. if you want to see how restaurants scored in polls (and who voted for them) follow the links here (you must be a member of our online community). Those without links will be coming soon. 

You may post your restaurant details here free of charge, complete with photos, videos, contact details and more. We will optimise your listing for SEO. To add, edit or delete your restaurant, you must register and/or log in. Registration is easy. Click on add restaurant below. If your restaurant is already listed and you need your account details so you can edit it, contact us.


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Showing Restaurants 1-12 of 97
Showing Restaurants 1-12 of 97