Updated: June 2024
Sitges Guide Sport and Leisure activities

Sitges Sports & Leisure

Sports and leisure activities available in Sitges that have been mentioned by the community, and how to find them.

Sitges Sport & Leisure List

Creation Drama Studio offers part time courses in acting and filmmaking for children and adults in English. Address: Av. Camí de la Fita, 46, 08870 Sitges. Call: 691 36 42 00

Institute of the Arts Barcelona, located in Sitges, offers part time amateur acting courses for children and adults as well as foundation and degree courses. Address: C/ Ramon Dalmases 18, 08870 Sitges. Call 935223452

Sitges Expat Book Club has regular meet ups in Sitges. Here’s what they say:

Hello fellow expats of Sitges! This book Club is for anyone who would like to add a social aspect to their reading hobby, or be held accountable to escape from the screens and read a few books this summer!

Ideally we will meet once a month to visit, discuss our chosen book and select a book for the following month.

ALL are welcome! Including all languages. This could be a great opportunity to practice English, Catalan, Spanish or any lovely language

Colla Jove Castellers de Sitges has an international crowd of all ages practising this sociable sport 


Beginning February 4, 2024, there will be Catholic mass (fully in English) offered every Sunday at the church below:


*La iglesia de la Virgen de Pompeia* (close to the intersection of Paseo de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal)


450 Avinguda Diagonal,

Barcelona 08006


Sunday February 4, 2024.  And thereafter every Sunday, with the exception of a few weeks in summer.

*Mass time*: 

11:30 AM

General Christian

The International Church of Barcelona has a large group of English speaking attendees. This is a less formal, more modern approach to integrating the word of the Bible into every day life and making connections with like minded people. 


Cineclub Sitges offers films in their original languages (often in English) in Sitges’ two cinemas: Prado (Carrer de Francesc Gumà, 6-14)  and Retiro (Carrer d’Angel Vidal, 17) and in Sant Pere de Ribes at the Centre Parroquial (Pl Marcel, 7)

For latest listings and to buy tickets, see our Cinema listings page

Minigolf Vinyet offers a mini/crazy golf course with a small cafe/bar. Address Passeig de Vilanova, 142, 08870 Sitges. Call: 93511 8969

Sitges Canta is an international choir in Sitges

There is also a Sitges Gay Men’s Chorus Email: sitgesgaymenchorus@gmail.com or phone 610828135

Justine Garner Dance School teaches ballet, tap and modern jazz to children from age 2.5yrs and also adult tap classes. 

Institut D’Arts Barcelona (in Sitges) offers foundation and bachelor degree courses in Dance

El Malecón de la Salsa in Castelldefels offers classes in Salsa Cubana, Bachata and Rueda de Casino

Country Sitges holds line dancing classes and events

Kinesan (Contemporary dance with elements of Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga, 2 Saturday mornings per month in Vilanova, recommended by 2 members) contact Therese on tlorenzop@gmail.com (English spoken) 

Sitges Business Curry Club lunch is a monthly get together for entrepreneurs where you just pay the price of your lunch. 

There are two youth clubs for football in Sitges:

Unió Esportiva Sitges. Address Estadi Municipal d’Aiguadolç
Avgda. Port d’Aiguadolç s/n Sitges Call 938 94 41 06 or 697940181

Blanca Subur. Address: C/ Pintor Maria Carbonellopis, s/nº 08870 Sitges Call: 938 94 58 04

There’s also an international men’s football club called Real Sitges FC. Check out their Facebook page

Golf Terramar is the course in Sitges Call: 938 940 580 They also have Tennis, Padel and a football pitch

Crossfit Blau Address C/ els Boters, 3, Nave 4, 08812 Sant Pere de Ribes Call: 666185706

F45 Has a gym and classes  CARRER DRETS HUMANS, 13, Sitges tel: 679 06 14 28

Flowmotionc Address:C/ de l’Illa de Cuba, 38, 08870 Sitges Call: 613403079

Gymbo & Me at the tennis club

Municipal Gym & Swimming Pool  Has a good range of equipment and classes, plus pool, spa and padel courts. Cami de la Fita s/n (next to the policia local) Tel: 93 811 42 67 Open M-F 7.00 to 23 h; Sat 8.00 to 21 h; Sun 9.00 to 15.00 h

Sorli Has a good range of equipment and classes, plus pool, spa and padel. Av. Camí dels Capellans, 112, Tel 933 972 476 Open 9-21h M-S and 09.30-14h on Sundays (Staff reportedly speak good English)


Sitges Happy Hikers Group meets regularly. Contact Niki tel/whatsapp 653885389.

Hipica La Granja Avinguda de les Corts d’Aragó, 21, Sitges. Tel/Whatsapp 607298257  

Tikotta Camí del Pla del Bosc, 08811 Canyelles tel: 618 71 67 69

There is a Facebook group called Sitges Meet Ups which arranges regular meetings for walks, picnics and other activities

MumAbroad is a site which many members of Sitges for English Speakers may find useful. We asked them to describe themselves to you:

MumAbroad – Europe’s Leading English Language Parental Resource

MumAbroad is one of Europe’s leading resources for English-speaking families in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Over the past 16 years, they have become a trusted voice and go-to source of information for international parents moving abroad and living away from their original home countries. 

MumAbroad have built a community of expat families from around the world, sharing useful tips and advice for fellow parents navigating life abroad. Their website has hundreds of curated recommendations for maternity services, healthcare, international schools, things to do with children and more in key regions and cities across Europe. From assistance with local administration to relocation support and exploring different school options, MumAbroad’s network of specialists can offer a wide range of expertise. 

MumAbroad are also proud to champion women in business through their Work Life directories, which provide an online platform for female entrepreneurs. Their blog features articles on important subjects related to family life abroad and the Mumabroad Youtube channel also highlights real-life stories and shares practical information and advice. They regularly interview leading experts including relocation consultants, coaches, therapists, parenting experts, headteachers and more. 

MumAbroad supports expat families at every stage of life, from pregnancy and giving birth to raising teenagers abroad and applying for university. They welcome recommendations from local parents based in each of their locations. To share a tip or collaborate, contact info@mumabroad.com

Contact Information:







Mum Abroad

Padel Courts are available at:

Valpineda Sports Cooperative (there is also a Padel school here) Av. Santíssima Trinitat, 28 08810 – Vallpineda tel: 938 942 166 – or 689 108 889

Municipal Gym & Swimming Pool   Cami de la Fita s/n (next to the policia local) Tel: 93 811 42 67 

Sorli  Av. Camí dels Capellans, 112, Tel 933 972 476 

Ask in the Sitges English Speakers community about the Padel group organised via Whatsapp

Gymbo & Me Carrer del Tennis 28, Sitges. Tel: 655 591 666

Pupiland Pilates Sitges Art, C/ San Pedro 23, Sitges. Tel: 682 18 04 51

Rugby Club Sitges is located at Carrer Pintor Marià Carbonell Llopis. Call 690248273

Become a member of the Sitges Yacht Club for only €1.4 per day!!

Now you have a magnificent opportunity to become a member and enjoy the sea and the beach of Sitges like nowhere else.
You can become a member for only €1.4 per day for the entire family! That is to say, with the father’s or mother’s fee, the partner or spouse and children up to 12 years of age are included.

With the fee and registration as a member, for the entire family, you have the right to:

– From 30%+ discount on sailing courses
– A minimum of 20% discount on the price of restaurant services
– Free use of the club’s kayaks and paddle surf (up to 1 hour max per day depending on availability)
– Access to all facilities: solarium, locker room, social room (bar)
– Participation in club social events

Current entry fee = €800

(You pay the entry fee and then the annual quota. It’s the quota which works out at €1.4 per day)

To find out more:

tel:93 743 20 57


Courts available at:

Valpineda Sports Cooperative (there is also a Tennis school here) Av. Santíssima Trinitat, 28 08810 – Vallpineda tel: 938 942 166 – or 689 108 889

Club de Tenis Sitges Carrer del Tennis, 22, 08870 Sitges, tel: 938 11 03 59

Ask in the Sitges English Speakers community about the Tennis group organised via Whatsapp

Sitges English Theatre Company puts on a Christmas pantomime and various shows throughout the year

Students at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona (located in Sitges) also sometimes put on shows in English which are open to the public 

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