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1 Reviews on “Grup Alvid Builders Sant Pere de Ribes”

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  • David

    Regrettable experience. I have no idea about comprehensive renovations, but for renovations while living in the house, we absolutely do not recommend them.

    We chose them because they were a local company with local workers, and with a 6-month-old baby at home, we needed to ensure that the renovation was done quickly without unnecessary delays, and we thought they were a guarantee of quality. But that turned out to be far from the case.

    The timeframe given to us was almost doubled. And the internal communication… To mention various issues we encountered:

    They started cutting copper pipes that shouldn’t have been cut and fixed it with electrical tape.
    The people responsible for debris removal cut the lighting cables of a mirror flush with an outlet, and when the electrician came, he told us it didn’t work. They later found out that someone from the site had cut the cables.
    They installed a new drywall wall, and when the blind installer came to put up the up/down switches, he said they would have to be surface-mounted because the wall was already finished… Obviously, the plumber had to come back to redo the wall. And apparently, they want to charge us for the extra hours…
    VERY SERIOUS: We requested aluminum profiles with laminated safety glass on the inside because one of the rooms would be for the baby, and we wanted to make sure that the glass wouldn’t shatter with a hit. We reviewed it and had to point out that it was installed the wrong way around.
    We were told there wouldn’t be much difference in wood tones when making some doors, but they turned out as different as night and day.
    A technician told us the skirting board would be siliconed with transparent silicone for a cleaner look, etc., but the next day, it was white…
    And I almost forgot, the floor was finished unevenly, and they blamed it on a Porcelanosa ceramic floor costing almost €90/m²…
    Considering the above, having 5 weeks of work with a baby is a nightmare, and on many days they worked a maximum of 3-4 hours. The record was a day when one person came to sand and stayed from 8:00 to 9:15; that was all that was done that day.

    Worst of all, by far, was the project manager (and also the owner), who was very rude, lacked manners, and was not humble at all. He was friendly at first until we pointed out the issues and expressed our dissatisfaction. We were the ones indicating everything mentioned above (which wasn’t our job), and he responded with a very rude audio message and never showed up again.

    In short, a regrettable experience. Not recommended at all.

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