Updated: June 2024

Interview with Yvonne

Sitges for Everyone talks to Yvonne, Dutch founder of executive coaching company Amaze Yourself, who lives near Sitges with her husband and daughter.

How long have you lived in the area?

We have lived in Spain for over a year now, and I love it here!

Where are you from originally?

I’m Dutch, and I have lived all over. Lived in the USA (New York), South Africa (Johannesburg and Durban), The United Kingdom (London), the Netherlands, and now Spain.

What made you choose this area?

We relocated to the Barcelona area for my partner’s job. After reviewing several schools, we found the Olive Tree in Sant Pere the Ribes, and then we fell in love with Sitges!

Do you live in town, in an urbanisation or in the countryside?

We live close to the town, on a mountain with great views, in a very beautiful area surrounded by Garraf Park.

How does living here compare with other places you have lived?

Every place we have lived in has pros and cons. What I love about living here is the relaxedness, the vibe, the joy that hangs in the air. I love the Spanish way of living, sharing food, chatting, and generally having a great time. I love that it’s normal to eat in a restaurant by yourself or with a large group of family or friends and that you can bring your dog almost everywhere. I enjoy seeing everyone, young, old, thin, and thick, loving the beach and having a good time. And yes, I have even come to love that no one ever seems to be in a hurry. Although that took me a while 😉

How do you and/or your partner make a living here?

My husband is a Global Mobility Director for an international organization, and I am the owner and founder of Amaze Yourself. As an executive business coach, I coach driven CEOs and business owners to scale their businesses by working smart, earning more, and living better.

What activities do you and/or your family do in the area? Can you recommend any of them?

We love to go for hikes in the Garraf area, go to the beach, and wine tastings. We also enjoy going out for dinner or drinks, by ourselves or with friends.

What are the best things about living here?

Being able to go swimming in the sea in October during your lunch break. Having a Christmas lunch on the terrace as it´s so lovely. We have so many great restaurants to choose from. The weather and the good vibe. There are so many great friends and people surrounding us.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you arrived?

Two tips: mañana mañana is true! The sooner you realise that you often need to wait, the better you’ll feel. And even when you speak quite inadequate Spanish, give it a go. Trying a few words is better than none and will break the ice immediately.

Do you have any favourite restaurants in the area? What do you like about them?

There are so many great restaurants, and I love many. One of my favourites is Timo’s. I love the food and atmosphere; as a fellow entrepreneur, I love how the owner makes it work.

If you have kids, do you have any recommendations for schools in the area or other relevant experiences you would like to share?

We have chosen the Olive Tree in Sant Pere de Ribes, a wonderful school, that is big in personal attention as it is a relatively small school.

What advice would you give to anyone considering relocating to this part of the world?

Do it! It’s a wonderful location, the weather, the beach, and the food. It’s a different life- more relaxed and joyful.

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