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Sitges News Guide October 2023

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A guide to the Sitges news, Catalonia news and Spain news articles that you may have missed over the last month, with links to the original articles

Sitges News

The Vanguardia reports that this year’s Sitges fantasy film festival sold more tickets between 5th and 15th October than in any previous year.  The Guardian also covered the festival, with a brief overview of some of the films on offer. Elsewhere, International Living reports on the increase in Americans choosing to move to Spain, and featured Sitges as one of five recommended destinations to move to. For those already here, El Confidencial reports on 10 free things to do in Sitges

Catalonia News

Segre reports that the Catalan parliament has given a green light to banning all festivals that denigrate cattle; the so -called ‘correbous’. This doesn’t only include bullfighting or other activities which end in the death of the animal, but also other activities, such as running with bulls. Also on the subject of animals, El Pais reports (Paywall) that Catalunya has established a commission to monitor wild wolves, as there are currently several males on the loose, which have entered the country from France.

In the political arena, Euractiv reports that Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has vowed to work in harmony with Catalunya. He has reiterated the need for generosity in dealing with the separatist movement, although he ruled out allowing a referendum. His job will not be easy, it seems, since in another Euractiv article, prime minister of Catalunya Pere Aragonès is reported as calling for another referendum. And elsewhere, independence minded parties have rejected being legally termed as a ‘national minority’, as reported by El Diario. They wish to be recognised as a ‘nation’. This is important as Sànchez needs the support of some of these parties in order to be confirmed as prime minister. 

Away from politics, The Guardian features an entertaining article on an art-trip to Catalunya, taking in Cadaqués, Figueres and Cap de Creus. 

Spain News

The Olive Press reports that short-haul flights within Spain are likely to be reduced or prohibited as part of a deal between the socialists and far left party Sumar, to help the socialists retain power. Meanwhile, Time Out reports that Spain is to unveil a new high-speed train, between Madrid and Asturias, cutting travel times by more than an hour. Also on the subject of the environment, Las Provincias reports that police have arrested a 59 year old lawyer on suspicion of deliberately starting nine recent forest fires in the Valencia region. 

Finally, in brighter news, e-noticies reports that The Telegraph has picked its 5 most beautiful places to visit in Spain, and one of them is Sitges. 

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