Updated: July 2024

Interview with Andy

Sitges for Everyone talks to Andy, a technology entrepreneur who lives near Sant Pere de Ribes with his wife and children

Sitges English Speakers catches up with Andy,  a technology entrepreneur who lives with his wife and children near Sant Pere de Ribes

How long have you lived in the area?

13 years

Where are you from originally?

London via Madrid

What made you choose this area?

Close to airport, good area to bring up family. Close connections with London

Do you live in town, in an urbanisation or in the countryside?

In an urbanisation on the edge of Sant Pere de Ribes

How does living here compare with other places you have lived (pros and cons)?

Less expensive and more ‘catalan’ than Sitges. Less urban growth.

How do you and/or your partner make a living here?

My wife is a British teacher and I have my own technology business that is dual located in Spain and London.

What activities do you and/or your family do in the area? Can you recommend any of them?

I cycle and run. The nature and countryside around the area are beautiful. Either cycling running or walking, it is well worth taking advantage of. For road cyclists, the road conditions are excellent, and we have abundant route options. My wife plays padel, which is a very accesible sport for people of all abilities. It is also a good way of meeting local people. There are many leagues you can sign up for 

What are the best things about living here?

Nature. Food. Close to Barcelona, cultural gem. Beach life is also great.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you arrived?

Learn the languages, as you get a lot more out of life if you speak Spanish or Catalan. Don’t cut corners, get your papers in order straight away.

Do you have any favourite restaurants in the area? What do you like about them?

I recently visited Six Seis, their menu of the day is the best value. 

If you have kids, do you have any recommendations for schools in the area or other relevant experiences you would like to share? 

We used the local system to begin with and then switched to the British system. We found the Olive Tree school was great for primary.

What advice would you give to anyone considering relocating to this part of the world?

Learn the language and don’t rely on speaking English to Spanish people.

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